Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Legal or illegal, guns kill people

Yes, the Gun Control Yenta is still here!! Following is a letter from the Saint John New Brunswick Telegraph Journal, published Oct. 1/08. Yep, still here. And still convinced more guns mean more danger...

On Sept. 21, Albert Legault , a 71-year-old retired cattle farmer, decided to investigate gunshots that seemed to be coming from his nearby fields. Simon Lanthier, 18, allegedly shot Mr. Legault dead. Lanthier was target-shooting; he's been charged in Gatineau court with reckless endangerment, two counts of careless use of a firearm and three other firearm-related counts.

On Sept. 19th, three hunters apparently wished to take a shortcut through a farmer's property. An "altercation" between the armed farmer and the hunters ended with the farmer sustaining
life-threatening gunshot wounds to the leg.

On Sept. 15th, Cody Welland, a 31-year-old hunter, turned himself in for allegedly shooting the Jack Russell terrier pup of Max Rose, 12, a brain cancer survivor. The shooting - which occurred 30 metres from the Rose family's driveway - may be related to a previous run-in Welland had with the boy's father. That's just the sport shooter/hunter incidents of the last few days. Guns are accidents (and worse) waiting to happen. Five thousand "legal" guns are reported stolen every year. Choking off every avenue of supply of these inherently dangerous machines is in the best interests of all Canadians, most especially those of us who are unarmed, law-abiding, and innocent.

Those in the gun lobby who repeat the foolish mantra that we must target 'criminals' and not
'law-abiding gun owners' should wake up and smell the coffee: you're all law-abiding - right up to the moment you're not.

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Anonymous said...

I am a gun owner, and a very responsible one. I enjoy hunting and target shooting with long guns and hand guns. In response to the "...guns kill people" I would like to say that stupid armed people kill people, and if not by gun, by other means, such as baseball bats, knives, vehicles, etc. Need I remind you of Michael Bryant? My guns have killed fewer people than Michael Bryant's car! As for trespassing, well...should one choose to do that, one might find in a situation where a gun, bat, or other device could be pointed at him/her, Piece of advice: don't trespass!